Sunday, 26 September 2010

Harrisburg Skyline I, Lyn O'Neal

Harrisburg Skyline I
Oil on linen board
6 x 8 inches
What a fanatastic view of the Harrisburg city skyline from the West Fairview Boat Launch! I painted this piece over the two Thursdays we painted at this location. The first day was overcast, drizzly and chilly. I took my time with some thumbnail sketches and finally decided on this composition. We, unbelievably, saw a golden eagle flying above! It must have been migrating through. It was huge and riding the wind so close above us we were mesmerized. After that distraction I painted in the scene. It was such a dull day so I brought back this painting this past Thursday, which was sunny and hazy, and brightened up this piece for the final touches.


Cecelia Lyden said...

Just beautiful, Lyn-a perfect little gem--inspires me to finish my start.

Pat Koscienski said...

Lyn, this is one of the nicest paintings I have seen from this spot. Great job.

L. O'Neal said...

Thank you for the encouraging comments, ladies.

Julie Riker said...

I have attempted to paint this skyline many times. It is not easy. You did a great job of editing details in the buildings so that they stayed in the distance, yet including enough detail to show that it is Harrisburg - a difficult balance. Great work!