Monday, 4 October 2010


On Sunday, October 3, 2010, the Susquehanna Valley
Plein Air Painters held their first exhibit as an
organization at Kings Gap State Park for the Garden
Harvest Day festival. Six artists painted on site during
the five hour festival, many of whom found their
way to the back porch of the mansion or to the garden
to capture the gorgeous view.

My thanks to everyone who helped with the exhibit,
especially Julie Riker and Amanda Carnell Kistler
for assistance in setting up and taking down the show,
and to Pat Koscienski and Amanda Carnell Kistler
for staying in the mansion with the exhibit
to answer questions from visitors and to
hand out brochures and business cards so the other
artists could be outside painting. I also
want to thank Pat Putz for being our liason to
Kings Gap State Park, and to the Kings Gap Park
employees, who were all so helpful.

Congratulations to Pat Koscienski and Cecelia
Lyden for sales that were made before their work
even hit the exhibition racks.

Note: Attendance at this year's Garden Harvest Day
was 1800+, so this was great exposure for all
of the artists who participated!


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L. O'Neal said...

Thank you to Claire, as well as Julie, Pat, and Amanda! You all worked very hard on behalf of us all. It was a great exhibit!