Wednesday, 6 October 2010

"View of Kings Gap" pastel landscape by Tatiana Myers.

"View of Kings Gap" by Tatiana Myers
9 x 12 ", La Carte, Pastels.

This is my version of Kings Gap vista. It took me long time of working on location and still - I didn't have enough time. I went with wide panoramic view of it and due so many details ran out of time. Enjoy some more pictures of our artists working on location at Kings Gap State park and pictures of group show we had there during our paint out session!

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Julie Riker said...

Thanks for sharing all these great photos of our first group showing. It was such a lovely day and fun to work with all the kids asking questions. You ended up with a beautiful piece. Love the way you included some of the trees in the foreground. It helps to show the height of the mountain and depth of the space.

Tatiana Myers said...

You are very welcome, Julie!
We always glad to share our photos, Irina and I...

I'm looking forward to paint more with everybody together. Too bad I can not make it as often, i I wish I could.