Wednesday, 26 January 2011



What started out as a warm, sunny morning with a few puffy clouds at the Fort Pierce Marina, rapidly changed into a cool overcast morning as storm clouds began to form. Two weeks ago, I painted alone in the drizzle. Last week the fog was so thick, I could not see the ocean, the horizon-nothing .I stayed home. This week, Tuesday morning looked promising. Several of us showed up to paint. Most of us finished our painting before the threat of rain sent us packing. I think I like painting cloudy, stormy skies and water more than sunny skies. But I'm getting very used to this warm weather and think I will have a difficult time adjusting to cold, spring day, plein air outings.


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Wonderful, subtle color variation in this, Cecelia. I really like the boat coming into the painting, and the swoop of the clouds - adds a lovely soft rhythm to the whole painting.

Julie Riker said...

You definitely captured the bright sky that appears just before a storm. I can hear the water lapping the shoreline and the boat gently rocking.