Tuesday, 15 February 2011

OLD FORT PARK By Cecelia Lyden

acrylic on board

Old Fort Park is on the Indian River in Fort Pierce, FLA. The fort was built during the Seminole Indian Wars in the early 1800's out of palm trees, which did not hold up to the damp weather and time. The park is very small but is the site of many cabbage palms and live oak trees. The swirling, snarling, overlapping limbs of the pines remind me of Medusa's hair and comprise an interesting contrast to the tall, almost willowy stature of the pines. . The fernlike growth on the limbs is called ressurection fern, because in the spring it changes color from a dead looking brown to bright green.The extreme diagonal growth of these pines cause me to wonder how they remain standing.

I set up my paints in the morning sun and looked across the the bright blue Indian River at sun-drenched condos with orange roofs and soft blue-gray shadows--It was so pleasant painting that morning. One of my painting buddies, Lori McNamara is a Florida resident and has painted at this site many times. She uses a palette knife for most of her work and I was inspired to try the knife, myself. I like the results on the pine trunk and the palm fronds. I wish I could photograph my paintings better--the color on the computer is not exactly like the colors on the painting.

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L. O'Neal said...

What a great gnarly old tree. You seem to be having an artist's dream stay in Florida. So many paintings! Keep it up - it's wonderful to see each post.