Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Gettysburg Festival Artist's Colony

There have been a lot of great posts here about the Gettysburg Fringe Festival and I enjoy seeing them all.
I was also in Gettysburg this past week, but I was involved in the Artist's Colony which was separate from the Fringe paint out.  The colony was a juried group of just 10 painters who lived together and painted in the Gettysburg area for 5 days.  It was a wonderful, intense sharing which reminded me of my art school days.  The focus of the experience was not so much on producing paintings to sell, but rather to learn and grow as artists.  One of the highlights for me were the two days of workshop with Bill Schmidt.  Bill was an excellent instructor.  He had us paint on 16x20 canvases, which is much larger than I am used to for plein air work, and I also tried a lot of things that I was not necessarily comfortable with because I really wanted to get the most from the learning experience.  From the 5 days of painting I have 7 good pieces started that I can hopefully finish in my studio and post at a later time.  This painting I am posting is the only one which I felt was completed.  It was painted in a short hour long session and depicts the famous Lincoln Square in Gettysburg.  I have donated this painting to the Gettysburg Festival.  It will be auctioned in an event this fall to raise money to help continue this wonderful colony experience.

 Lincoln Square
11x14 plein air oil

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Claire Beadon Carnell said...

This is wonderful - love how the road leads right into the painting. There is a nice, clean freshness to the color too - really fine work!