Sunday, 31 July 2011

"Étude from the Top." Pastel by Tatiana Myers

"Étude from the Top." by Tatiana Myers
9 x 12 " Pastel on Wallis. 

Last week I spend wonderful 5 days together with several other painters from Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society painting beautiful views of fields and wooded areas not so far from State College.

 Weather was cooperating, and we  had such a great time exploring local farms and hills and trying to reflect its beauty on paper. It was happening during annual workshop what our Pastel Society hold every summer and this time it all was about Plein Air painting. 
Our Guide in this artistic journey was Richard McKinley , well known Master-Pastelist whose wonderful paintings you can read just like a  poetry...
We all learned a lot from Richard, from each other and enjoyed every day of our unity with nature... Fantastic week!... I'm so much looking forward to repeat it, when I only will have a chance.

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Julie Riker said...

sounds like a great opportunity Tatiana! I always love coming home from an artistic experience like that with a renewed energy.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

What a gorgeous vista, Tatiana - and it sounds as though you had an amazing time. Workshops are the perfect way to regenerate and refresh creativity!

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You, Julie and Claire!..
yes, it was great opportunity and totally awesome time!.. Of course most of us got some sun-burn and I think we used tonnes of bug spray, but who cares?.. All I want now- just go out again and paint more.