Friday, 5 August 2011


Yesterday, Tom Parke and his youth group paddled
up the Susquehanna River as part of the
'Susquehanna Documentary', a program sponsored by
the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Their destination
was the mansion at Ft. Hunter, in Harrisburg, PA,
where they met with SVPAP members to observe a demo
of plein air painting in acrylics by our SVPAP President,
Ralph Hocker, and to create their own plein air paintings.

It was a truly wonderful day, and very exciting to
see the group paddling toward us along the river. Once they
came ashore and grabbed a quick lunch, the demo began.
The interaction between Ralph and the CBF group of youth
was fantastic - Ralph instantly caught their attention
and got them excited to get to the business of
plein air painting!

Below are pictures from the day - some are mine, and others
were sent to me from Julie and Tatiana (thanks!)
It was fun for me just to go through all of our pictures
from the day and remember what a great time we all had.
There also was a Digital Photography Day Camp at Ft. Hunter,
and these future paparazzi took many photographs of
SVPAP and CBF participants.
The Patriot News was there as well,
so we got some great coverage!

Ralph Begins the demo
Also in this photo, Tatiana, Lyn, Claire C., and
Tom Parke (who is on the far right with lt. grey t-shirt)

Ralph showing how to size objects in the distance

Attentive students

Ralph giving individual instruction

Madeline , Sue , Irinia, and Tatiana 


Tataina and Julie - I love Julie's warrior stance!

Other members who attended this event, but were not
in photographs are Clare K., Jim H., Joe M. and John H.


Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You for posting it Claire! I think it was a totally great time for everybody. And weather was nice too.

Julie Riker said...

Thanks for posting Claire! My "warrior stance" is really just me making myself a bit shorter to be eye level with my painting - the French easel just isn't built for us tall folks :)
Also, really like the new blog color!!

Mary Beth Brath said...

Diddo on the blog color! This is an awesome post. I love seeing the photos of plein air artists.