Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I was introduced to plein air painting in 1980 with my first oil painting class at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts in Annapolis, Md. There I was introduced to plein air still life painting in an outdoor classroom. In these first classes the still life consisted of painting colored bricks on colorful table coverings in direct sun light. Sounds easy but it wasn't. We learned to see color notes not values and painted with a pallet knife in a very impressionistic, loose style. Our instructors were students of the Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown, Mass. and the artist Henry Hensche. My love of light and color was instant. I continued to take classes there into the 1990s and then in 1997 I was diagnosed with MS and lost vision in my right eye. I put down my brushes and became a quilter. It was something I could see and do as my vision slowly returned. My husband retired in 2001 and we moved to Hanover, Pa. I joined the Hanover Area Art Guild to sell my quilts in their gallery but in a few months I started taking oil painting classes and put my quilts in a closet. I fell in love with the Pa. landscape and paint regularly in Cordorus State Park and the Gettysburg Battlefield. I am very active as a Board Member of the Hanover Area Art Guild and I have been a member of the SVPAP since its creation and have made many friends who are dedicated to plein air painting. On another note, I grow and cultivate 30 orchids in my home and have done so for 30 years, but for the life of me I can't paint them. (I think I know them too well). I invite you to my website, or


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Even though I have gotten to know you so much better through last year's Artist Colony at Gettysburg, it was such a pleasure to read this. I had forgotten that you raised orchids too!

Jane Ramsey said...

Loved reading your post! Isn't Maryland Hall such a wonderful repurposing of a great old school building.... I love that place. I have several artist friends who have studio space there and teach. And the Mid Atlantic Plein Air group has their group show there each summer. It is a treasure in Annapolis.

Julie Riker said...

I've really enjoyed getting to know you through the plein air group and Gettysburg Colony. I admire your colorful and lively paintings and your skill in handling the palette knife!
I did learn about your passion for orchids while in Gettysburg - I wonder if you could paint them if you brought them out en plein air?


Your works reflect your love of painting oudoors--beautiful and inspirational--