Friday, 12 August 2011

Wildwood Lake by Julie Riker

I am sorry if anyone drove out to Wildwood yesterday to see the muddy mess that the rains left there.  I painted there 3 different times the last few weeks and it was absolutely gorgeous.  Just in case anyone doesn't believe me, here are my paintings to prove it. 

This was painted on Thursday when a few SVPAP members met for a paint out.  I think it was the week prior to meeting at Fort Hunter.

The one above was painted on a Sunday evening when Ralph, Paul and I painted along with some other members of the Seven Livelies.  I am not accustomed to painting in the evening.  The light changes so quickly.  I found myself abandoning all the "rules" about sticking to your initial plan and not "chasing the light" and just went with it.  Every time I looked up at the scene there was more pink, more orange, and I found myself constantly changing the painting as well.  I could have probably continued like that until my canvas was black.   This was quick and sketchy and I am not sure I love the finished painting or if I even want to do anything more to it, but painting it was a fun challenge.

On Friday I painted with Mary Beth and Patricia Griffin who is a member of the Daily Painters.  She traveled from eastern PA so that we could spend the day painting together.  Since I had already done 2 paintings of the same scene that week, I hiked down the tow path and found this clearing with a lovely  bright green algae/scum pond.  It was a beautiful day - the light was gorgeous.

This was painted the same day a little further down the path.  I was feeling pretty warmed up and focused by then.

     As you can see I have a little Wildwood series going here.  These were all mostly painted on site, but I felt they all needed just a few strong strokes to finish them up, so today I set up my French easel on my porch and finished them all (sort of plein air).  I don't have titles yet and am actually finding it hard to come up with unique titles when so many pieces are from the same location.  

     Seeing the site yesterday all covered with mud was a shock to me.  It is hard to believe that the beauty could leave so quickly.  It makes me even happier that I took the time to capture it when I did.

     I am not sure if lotus flowers will rebloom later this season?  We might have to check it out again.

     If you would like to see more of my work please visit my website  


Debra Kreiger said...

Beautiful Julie! love your color choices and compositions!

Jane Ramsey said...

You do have a great little series of paintings already! Really nice.. especially like the evening one you did. You "chase" very well. Lovely color and compositon!

Julie Riker said...

Thanks Deb and Jane! The colors were so beautiful when I painting there - I really just painted what I saw.