Saturday, 3 December 2011


The story in the Patriot News told of local Vietnam veterans, who in 1998 became the official caretakers of The Lincoln Colored Cemetery, south of Mechanicsburg, mowing the grass, clearing debris and straightening the tombstones. The cemetery holds the remains of about 80 Afro-Americans. About 15 of them are Civil War veterans. Paul Kreiner, commander of the Vietnam Veterans in Mechanicsburg says'" It's a great honor. They are veterans and we are veterans. And we respect our veterans".
My husband and I sought out the cemetery and after a little detective work, we discovered whose property held the cemetery and I got permission from the owner to paint there with other plein air artists.
The cemetery site was very small, surrounded by beautiful farmland and clusters of trees. It reminded me of Gettysburg, but much more humble.
It was a sunny, clear, beautful day, but so cold. I hope to return in the spring, when I stop shivering.


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

the color and light and atmosphere in this are absolutely gorgeous, Cecelia. I really like how the shadows from the trees act as an anchor for the foreground. Wonderful!

Julie Riker said...

This came out really nice Cecelia. Thanks so much for recommending this location.