Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lincoln Colored Cemetery Plein Air Sketches by Larry Lerew

Had a great morning with Ralph Hocker, Julie Riker, Cecelia Lyden and Pat Keough. We enjoyed the crisp air and December sunshine at the Historic Lincoln Colored Cemetery off W. Winding Hill Road, Mechanicsburg, PA. I didn't "paint" but chose to make three quick plein air sketches in my sketchbook. The variety of shapes and colors were interesting and I had fun composing on paper.

Most of the grave markers were dated from the civil war era and had great shapes and wear. We were also surrounded by bare locust and cherry trees and open farm fields on three sides. Several of us had on "orange" hunting hats so we could be seen by any deer hunters in the area.

On my final sketch I threw in some watercolor pencil. There was green lawn in the cemetery, orange plowed fields all around, and a fruit orchard in the distance that appeared red. The sky was completely clear and you could see the atmosphere change at the horizon from almost white to deep blue over head. After a few hours our noses and fingers were cold. Ralph pointed out how the deer visited the cemetery pretty regular since alot of the small trees had there bark rubbed away. We all had a great time an agreed this site deserves a return visit.
Happy Holidays,
Larry Lerew


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Great sketches, Larry - wish I could have joined all of you!

Cecelia Lyden said...

Really nice post, Larry--I love the inclusion of your sketches on this blog--they are excellent renditions of the different stones in the cemetery plus a quick overview of the area.

Julie Riker said...

Great post Larry!
I also love that you included the sketches. It is amazing how much can be communicated just with pencil. Looking at them I can easily tell that you were carefully observing all the interesting forms.