Sunday, 4 March 2012

Pennsylvania Garden Show Of York -- March 2, 3, and 4, 2012 By Larry Lerew

Had a great enjoyable time over the past three days. Met Claire Klaum and Joe Maddox who were also painting plein air in the Expo Center. Also met several other artists from the York area. Julie Newmar was entertaining with an interesting slide show about her rose garden in California. Spent most of Friday afternoon sketching figures throughout the show and got my paints out to paint members of the jazz band on stage. They wanted to buy the art but I told them I wasn't selling and needed my color sketches for larger work back at my studio. Saturday I brought a 12 x 16" canvas and found an out of the way location to paint next to the stage. Patrons were interested in my blocking in shapes with a "tree stick" dipped in black acrylic paint. I do that to get a slightly uncontrollable thick and thin line. Most of it gets painted over later anyhow, but it helps me stay loose. I painted the audience seating area with the beautiful floral arrangement with small trees as a backdrop. I tried to capture the feeling of the space with the high ceiling and drop lights. There were two camera platforms filming Vince Butera, a well known York florist, on stage. I noticed he and others at the show were very free and flowing with their hand movements when they made their pitch and I made a few sketches to file away in my sketchbook. Sunday I set up to paint the Juried Floral Arrangement area and had the local paper take my picture while painting. Good thing he spotted me working early on because after he left the painting kind of fell apart and got a case of the uglies.  In addition to the 12 x 16" canvas I painted six other small paintings but three turned out to be real stinkers. That's pretty good averages, you win some and lose some. Overall had a great time and past along our club name and the blog site to several interested people.


Julie Riker said...

Great post Larry! I am glad you had a good time at the garden show and at least one good painting. Your loose sketchy style is perfect for the buzz of energy in the expo center.
It would be really cool if you got your mug in the paper!

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

This is fantastic, Larry. Your work has a wonderful energy!

Cecelia Lyden said...

Thank you for your lively commentary and equally lively painting--your loose style, color and black lines remind me of the French painter, Duffy.

Larry Lerew said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I've been having fun cutting loose from what I've learned and how I thought about painting. It feels good to break out of that academic box. I'm enjoying a new found freedom of personal expression and energy in my painting. This should be an interesting growth year for me! Meeting other painters and getting back outdoors to paint has also helped feed my fire and strenghen my passion.

Linda Young said...

Hi Larry, I'm sorry I missed you at the Flower Show. I was there on Saturday and painted.
I only got one painting done that day.
Maybe next time, we'll paint on the same days!
Nice work!