Monday, 12 March 2012

"Spring Planting" (York Garden Expo) 3/2,3/2012

This was my first time painting at the York Garden Expo.  There were so many beautiful settings to choose from.  However it was difficult to find a spot that was not in the display or in the way of passerbys.  I was able to nestle into a spot that worked out perfectly and loved the colors of the watering cans and flowers.  It was enjoyable talking to people and sharing stories as I painted.


Larry Lerew said...

Very colorful. Glad I can now see your painting complete. It was nice meeting you at the Garden Show and watching you work. I found it interesting when you told me over night the still life rearranged itself on the second day.

Linda Young said...

Clare, this is really lovely and it is so much prettier and colorful in person. Nice to see you at the Expo center and to be able to see your beautiful painting "live".