Thursday, 5 April 2012

Seeing Red On The Battlefield by Larry Lerew

Title: "Little Round Top Redbuds"
Artist: Larry Lerew
Acrylic on Canvas 16" x 12" en Plein Air, Painted April 5, 2012
Location: Little Round Top, Gettysburg Battlefield, Gettysburg, PA

Quite an inspiring place! Painted near the monuments and heard the stories over and over again by the tour guides as each bus load of school students jumped out of their tour buses and "took the hill". I kind of tuned the chatter out and focused on my painting, but I did hear a few funny comments which were entertaining. The battlefield is full of redbuds in full bloom and quite colorful. I tried to paint the "flavor of redbuds" without painting individual trees and that gave the whole painting a bright feel. Had a fun morning and finished under two hours. We are so fortunate to have such beautiful locations throughout Pennsylvania. Six of us met afterwards at Lincoln Diner for lunch and had a great time talking about our painting adventures and coming events.  


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Wish I could have joined you all for lunch - it was such a wonderful day of painting! This is great, larry - I am a huge fan of your style!

Julie Riker said...

It was a fun and beautiful day!
Your title and this painting interest me in that they could be interpreted in very different ways. Since I know what a lovely day it was, I see the redbuds and spring colors, but someone else might interpret the red color and the drippy quality of your paint at the lower edge as something very different. I am sure that the tour guide stories influenced this.

Larry Lerew said...

Hey Julie I love the english language arts. You can say so much with so little. Injecting some intrigue and controversy into a paintings title can be risky but a lot of fun at cheese and wine receptions. I've had a few paintings sell just because of their title. One that comes to mind was of a colonial wagoner wearing a fez. I called it "The Legend of Mr. Fox". I made up a story and everyone was happy and I made a sale.