Friday, 29 June 2012

BOYERS' GARDEN By Cecelia Lyden

oil/stretched canvas
Two glorious mornings were spent in my neighbor's yard, painting a small section of their garden. Many of their daylilies were in bloom; the weather was cool, with strong sunlight and deep shade and the proximity to my home[ next door] meant ideal conditions for plein air painting.
As I waited for the sun to hit the area I chose to paint, I enjoyed the fragrant lily aroma. Behind this grouping of flowers, the evergreen trees were still shaded.
I tried to capture the tangle of leaves and blossoms surrounding the orange and yellow daylilies. I also attempted to paint the sunlight bouncing on and off this tangle and the daylilies, but it was difficult.

1 comment:

Larry Lerew said...

Beautiful color arrangement. I like the blue around your orange center of interest.