Friday, 27 July 2012

An Original Plein Air
Oil Painting
by Claire Beadon Carnell

'Ducky Day'
Plein Air
Oil on Panel
painted in Boiling Springs.  Some of the artists painted
the wonderful architecture that can be found in this
lovely little town, and some of us painted around the lake.
I found a shaded spot (that included a bench) that 
looked across the lake to the raceway.  

All types of ducks, Canadian geese and even a swan
drifted by as I worked on my painting...what a day!

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Claire Beadon Carnell
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Julie Riker said...

lovely little painting Claire - I really the horizontal format. Sometimes adding animals can ruin a painting but I think you were successful here in adding the suggestion of the ducks but still keeping the focus on the beautiful sunlight on the tree.