Tuesday, 17 July 2012

McKees Half Falls by Larry Lerew

Early morning light on the river today was fantastic. I really liked the low view of the river and seeing the sparkling stepped levels of the McKees Half Falls. Thank You Julie Riker and Ralph Hocker for showing me the "beautiful river". I think I'm falling in love with the river! Had a great time painting and lunching with Mary Beth Brath, Cathy Mabius, Julie Riker and Ralph Hocker.

"Sparkling Waters At McKees Half Falls"
en Plein Air
8" x  16"

"McKees Half Falls On Susquehanna"
en Plein Air
10" x 8"

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Cecelia Lyden said...

Strong, strong paintings, Larry--wonderful color and energetic brushwork.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I get such a sense of the water rushing around the rocks - these are two wonderful paintings, Larry.

I am looking forward to this Saturday's paint out at your house!

Julie Riker said...

This was one of the prettiest spots along the river that I have been to. You definitely captured that "sparkling" quality. It was a fun day!

Larry Lerew said...

Thanks Julie, I heard Ralph say that the river was extra special to paint when the water level is low and you can see lots of rocks and splashing white water. It was a fun day!