Thursday, 2 August 2012

Field of Lace by Julie Riker

5x7 oil

It was so nice of Larry to invite us out to paint at his place this week, and great to see a few other SVPAP members there as well.  Sharon Benner and Jeanne Hartman also came out. 

 I like the idea of an evening paint out - cooler temperatures and warmer sunlight.  I knew the light at 6 PM would change quickly, so I just worked on this very small panel and tried to not get too detailed with Larry's field of Queen Ann's Lace.  We were hoping for some orange tones in the sky as the sun started to set, but instead the sky turned almost black with a threatening storm.  Fortunately I was able to finish my painting, pack up, and start home before the rain hit and I saw the dark cloud  following me home in my rear view mirror.


Larry Lerew said...

You created a wonderful painting as did Sharon and Jeanne. Donna was trying out her new iPad sketch stylist and I didn't see her sketch. I really wanted to see how you would all handle a complex mass of white and really enjoyed the results. I really like how to saw the warm tones in the foreground. We did get hit with a strong storm and I was disappointed everyone's visit was cut so short. I'll be mowing these fields flat late this fall but they will go through more color changes before that happens. Thanks again for coming out to paint.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

This is so soft and ethereal, Julie - love it!

Julie Riker said...

Thank you Larry and Claire! And thanks again Larry for inviting us to paint on your property!!