Sunday, 30 September 2012

FLOWER MERCHANT original pastel painting by Clare Klaum

I  plein air painted at the Harvest of the Arts festival in Carlisle yesterday and it was bustling with people, music and activity.  So much so that it was a little overwhelming to choose a subject matter to paint.  So I focused in on a flower vendor in the market square with a barrel full of dried hydrangeas which are one of my favourite flowers. I kept it small and chose a 5 x 7 pastel board.  The weather turned out to be perfect for painting.

An Original Plein Air
Oil Painting
by Claire Beadon Carnell

'Nauset Light'
Oil Plein Air
Cape Cod National Seashore,
Eastham, Cape Cod, MA
9 x 12

Because of erosion that has been occurring along the shoreline
of Cape Cod, some of the light houses have been moved
further inland so that they are protected.  The sea was
to the right of this view of Nauset Light, but not
close enough to include in the painting.

I took a walk down to the beaches after finishing this painting
and saw a group of seals playing in the sparkling water!

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Claire Beadon Carnell
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SVPAP painters at Carlisle's Harvest of the Arts

 Larry, Vivian, and I set up at the intersection of High Street and Hanover Street, the beginning of the event where they closed off 4 blocks to traffic.  How often can you set up right in the middle of the street to paint?  We had a great time painting along to the music!

Below is the painting I did.  I wasn't 100% focused on this one...never can be at these events with people stopping to talk and watching over your shoulder...but it's fun.  I especially love the children with their painted faces who are so interested in watching me paint.
Thanks to Vivi's friend Jeb for modelling!

"Waiting on the Square"

Saturday, 29 September 2012

"Music In The Street" by Larry Lerew

"Music In The Street" by Larry Lerew
Acrylic and Wax Crayon on Watercolor Paper
16" x 20"
Artist Log #12-09-15

Had a great day painting in the street with the Susquehanna Valley Plein Air Painters at the Harvest of the Arts, Carlisle, PA.

Painting at Harvest of the Arts

W.I.P. at the Farmer's Market on the Square.  Linda Young
This is a work in progress; but I had to quit because it got too cold for my hands.  Plus the fact, my subjects were all packing up to go home.  I was able to get one photo from this morning to locate the shadows; otherwise, my intent is to work on this with negative and positive shapes to place the people and "stuff" around and inside the marketeer's booths.

Fortunately for me, my husband was just getting ready to leave our home to come uptown where I was and he brought a hot cup of coffee and a jacket.  By the way, today is our third wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary, John. You're the tops!

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An Original Plein Air
Oil Painting
by Claire Beadon Carnell

'Morning at Fort Hill'
Oil Plein Air
Cape Cod National Seashore,
Eastham, Cape Cod, MA
10 x 20

Finally unpacked the rest of my Cape Cod paintings.
As much as I loved the sea and beach areas, I was
most compelled by the marshes.  This view provided 
a combination of both - with the marshes in the mid-ground,
and a glimpse of the sea in the background.  
Looking at these paintings this morning
filled me with such a longing to go back
to this wonderful place!

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Friday, 28 September 2012

Beach Life by Julie Riker

6x12 oil
There are few things I like better than a day at the beach...painting is one of them. So set me up with my paint supplies under a beach umbrella and I am as happy as a clam. 
This is one of the paintings I did while I was in Chincoteague a few weeks ago for their plein air festival.  I was noticing all the colorful beach umbrellas and how quickly the color faded out of them as they receded into the hazy distance where sky, sand, and sea almost became white.
This piece did not sell at the sale on Chincoteague, so I brought it home with me where I was pleased when it sold very quickly to a local buyer.
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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ashcomb Sunflowers by Linda Young

Ashcomb Sunflowers, watercolor by Linda Young
size 9 x 12"
This painting was done mostly at the Ashcomb Farm and the very dark areas were finished in my studio.   I used an old painting from another plein air outing and reincarnated it to become these sunflowers.  I remember I used to have such trouble figuring out negative spaces and areas in a painting; but now, I push myself to do it more.  It seems, once I get started; I can hardly quit painting that way. 

Negative painting, to me, challenges the mind and hand to paint the not-so-obvious to tell a story.

P O Box 941
Carlisle, Pa.  17013

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Saturday, 22 September 2012

BOWED HEADS By Cecelia Lyden

oil/stretched canvas

It was a glorious day for painting sunflowers outdoors at a local farm. Several of us showed up at Ashcomb Farms. I was happy to be outside in the sun and sweet-smelling fresh air but, the sunflowers looked a little sad, with drooping heads and withering petals, as if they knew the end of summer was near. However, there still was enough color to paint and the heart-shaped leaves made a lively design.

People Watching for Sharks at Nauset Beach


Johanna Monighan-Schaefer
"People Wactching for Sharks"
Watercolor, 8"x10", 2012

We had a great time on our painting trip to Cape Cod. However, the ever present danger of great whites had people stay out of of the water. On this partticular day, two sharks were sighted at Nauset Beach. They were "Danger Sharks"signs posted along the beach. People were swimming at their own risk. It all reminded me of Jaws which was taking place not too far from Nauset. I have to watch it again.

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Friday, 21 September 2012

TUCKED AWAY an original pastel painting by Clare Klaum

The location was Nauset Beach, Orleans, Cape Cod, MA.  This was our last day to paint.  I chose a 5x7 pastel board since I knew our time was limited.  I sat in a gazebo that overlooked the grassy dunes.  The houses were "Tucked away" into the hillside and I could just see a bit of the ocean peak over the edge of the dunes.

SUNSET AT WELLFLEET HARBOR an original pastel painting by Clare Klaum

Day 4 of painting in Cape Cod.  I started this painting around 4pm not really intending it to be a sunset painting.  But as the sun got lower in the sky the peach hues were so beautiful that it evolved into a sunset painting.  It was just perfect timing when the little sail boat came floating along!

NAUSET LIGHT HOUSE an original pastel painting by Clare Klaum

Day 3 of painting. The location was Eastham, Cape Cod, MA.  I was only able to complete half of this painting on location.  The angles of the house were quite challenging.  I completed it in my studio at home.  There were so many light houses in Cape Cod but the Nauset Light House was definitely one of the most striking.

LAYERS OF BLUE an original pastel painting by Clare Klaum

Day two of painting.  The location was Fort Hill, Eastham, Cape Cod, MA.
The view from the top of the hill was stunning! It reminded me of the sand paintings that were popular years ago. You would pour different colored sand into a glass container and create patterns and layers of color to create a scene.

COME RIDE WITH ME original pastel painting by Clare Klaum

This was my first painting in Cape Cod. It was on the Herring River in Harwich, MA. I sat on a bridge over looking the marsh to get the best vantage point of the water through the marsh. The little red boat was just inviting me for a ride.  I loved the way the river snaked through the marsh and the way the sunlight shone on the grasses.   

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

An Original Plein Air
Oil Painting
by Claire Beadon Carnell

Oil Plein Air
Wellfleet Harbour, Wellfleet, Cape Cod, MA
8 x 8

I was looking for something to paint while at the Harbour
in Wellfleet, and when I leaned over the rail of the
pier I saw this peach and blue rowboat pulled up out
of the water.  I really liked the design elements of the
 scene, especially with the cast shadow created by the boat.  
Ralph Hocker (one of the artists who helped
to organize our painting trip to Cape Cod) told me there used to be 
five or six of these rowboats - all the same color, but
apparently this is the only one left.  Sure was glad I found it.
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Claire Beadon Carnell
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Monday, 17 September 2012

Painting Cape Cod by Larry Lerew

"West Dennis Beach"
11" x 15" Acrylic On Watercolor Paper
All Rights Reserved Larry Lerew 2012

"Dream Baby At Rock Harbor"
15" x 11" Acrylic On Watercolor Paper
All Rights Reserved Larry Lerew 2012
I painted 9 paintings and made many sketches in my sketchbook along with taking over 800 pictures.
These two plein air paintings were the only ones worthy to show. "Someday" I might work up some studio paintings from the visual information and memories I gathered from the trip.

An Original Plein Air
Oil Painting
by Claire Beadon Carnell

'Shining Through'
Oil Plein Air
Herring River, Harwich, Cape Cod, MA
8 x 16

The first day of painting was supposed to be at the
Herring River, but as soon as I found my spot to
paint, it started to remain.  When we woke up the
next day to sunshine, we decided to trek back there
to try again.  This is the painting I did in the morning.
I loved the way the sun was shining through the
trees and hitting the marsh grasses.  What a
beautiful place.

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Claire Beadon Carnell
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Sunday, 16 September 2012

An Original Plein Air
Oil Painting
by Claire Beadon Carnell

'View Down Nauset Beach'
Oil Plein Air
Nauset Beach, Orleans, Cape Cod, MA
6 x 8

I haven't posted up here in awhile because I have been
up in Cape Cod for the past week painting.  Except for the
first day, the weather was gorgeous.  This is a view of 
Nauset Beach, where within minutes of beginning to paint
there was a sighting of two sharks very close to the shoreline.
It's been a big problem down there - warning signs are everywhere.
I thought maybe it was just another art critic...

Here's my set-up right after I finished the painting

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Claire Beadon Carnell
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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Reflecting on Summer Paintouts...Paintings by Susan Benigni Landis

"Warm Wildwood Morn"
8x10", oil on masonite
"Italian Lake Greenery"
9x12", oil on canvas 
"Susquehanna Blue Haze Near Enola"
9x12", oil on canvas

I enjoyed my first summer of being able to join in several paintouts with SVPAP. It was a fun challenge to try to capture the atmosphere of heat and haze this summer, yet still represent the lush colors of the season. 
Susan Benigni Landis

Sunday, 9 September 2012

East Side House by Julie Riker

8x10 oil
I just spent a week on Chincoteague Island, VA where I painted for their annual plein air event.  This was my second year participating as an artist in this event and it was nice to see familiar faces.  The mosquitoes were miserable, much worse than they have ever been, but the weather was surprisingly nice with the exception of one solid day of rain and wind which forced me to paint from the front seat of my car (which was actually not all that bad).  I managed to do 6 paintings and two of them sold at the Saturday evening show.  This one sold within the first half hour so I am happy I took a quick picture of it.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Trees and more of trees... by Tatiana Myers.

 Just some more field sketches from our Minnesota trip.
This time it is all about trees.
Above - about 45 min sketch on 7x5" Ampersand Pastelbord (green).

 3 sketches below - mounted Wallis, watercolor under-painting, pastel.

Just a lot of trees... but it was great time!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Boiling Springs Lake (PC)

"I don't want to grow old and say I wish I had done something in my life. I'd rather try and fail at it, than not try at all. A failure can be a great teacher and can lead to many successes."   I made this my philosophy in life when I was 21 years old.  It has served me well and has been my motto to this day.   Water is essential to all living things; water is the essential ingredient to the medium of watercolor.

I never had the desire to do any painting or drawing of any kind until I had to go through a troubling time in my life in and around 2001.  It was a time when, as a wife of 9 years; I thought it would last forever.  However, due to circumstances beyond my control, it didn’t and I felt as if my spirit had left me too.  As it turned out, it was for the best.  However,  I wanted to prove something to myself, to create something out of nothing, to be in control of my destiny; but I was at a loss to know just what that was exactly. I didn’t know how to get out of the rut I was in.

It wasn’t until I saw in a newsletter, a 6 week class being offered by the Mechanicsburg Art Center titled:  “Free Spirit Watercolor” taught by Jeanne Hartman, that I knew if anyone’s spirit needed freeing, it was mine.  It was through taking that very class I found out:  “water” was the ingredient that saved my spirit and brought it back to life again painting with watercolor. It was the “something” I was searching for.

Iris at Roebling Roads
 I consider myself a painter of water and of living things.  I am influenced by the world around me in a particular moment of time.  It could be the feeling of awe I get when I see the reds and gold in the setting sun, or pinks, lavender and yellows shown in the partly cloudy sky of a morning sunrise.  In order for me to paint something, I have to get a feeling for the place or object; it has to invoke a mood for me and I get them in the water’s reflections,  a beautiful bunch of flowers or lengthening shadows and their intricate shapes cast upon the ground.

St. Francis Garden
From the year 2000 until May 2011, I painted indoors at a drawing table in my studio and from photographs.  I was painting realism up until that time but felt confined and limited; I just wanted to paint more freely and loosely.   I am a self-taught artist and have had no formal education in the arts.  I’ve learned and am still learning by trial and error and have studied with numerous professional watercolor artists. To name a few:  Sterling Edwards, Chuck McLaughlin, Larry Lombardo, Jeanne Hartman, Jean Uhl Spicer, Luke Buck, Sandy Blair, Tony Van Hasselt, and Judy Betts.  Each one has a different style and from each one, I take something and apply it to the painting I am working on.
Little Round Top and Monument

 I was accepted into a plein air paint out on the battlefield of Gettysburg in 2011; it was to occur in early June.  I had never tried to paint outdoors with my watercolors at all, so I took my supplies outside in my own back yard and began to get some real life lessons!   I tried painting a red azalea bush, a blue hydrangea bush with it’s pinks and blues and a single iris flower.  I quickly found out I had to make much faster decisions and be more spontaneous than I imagined.  When painting plein air, time really was of the essence to capture the scene before me:  shadows changed, wind blew, colors intensities changed too.  Painting plein air and watercolor you’ve gotta be quick.
Spangler Farm

 From the first class with watercolor, I overheard a lady tell someone, “Linda really paints just what she sees doesn’t she?”  I didn’t understand what she had meant at the time because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do.   What I really needed was to try to add more color to something to make it more exciting and interesting…not just paint the yellow pear, with Aureolin yellow and a brown stem!  It wasn’t until I got outdoors to paint plein air it started to make more sense. 

Campground Flowers
Cape May Lighthouse
 What I love most about painting en plein air with watercolor is there is less time to think and just “react” to what I am seeing.  It’s not just what I see; but it’s what I feel too.  It’s not just the green leafy tree on a background of blue—it’s the green tree with the yellow and blues added to the green that make it interesting.  It’s that sky filled with puffy clouds of pink, gold and purple against a blue sky and the darkened silhouetted shapes back lit by a setting sun.  It’s the gray sky of rain in the distance and the color of the landscape and atmosphere that changes with the time of day. 

Since 1989, I’ve owned and operated a hair styling salon called Designs by Linda.  The name fits both the hairstyling and my art studio, I think.  I’m in the salon three and a half days a week from eight in the morning until the end of the day.  On days I am not working, I’m getting caught up ordering supplies, doing bookkeeping and running errands.  Because of that schedule, my plein air painting time is so much more valuable and a treasure to me whenever I am able to do it.
Wall Flowers Collage

For me, when I am outdoors, I am one with God and nature…I am His creation and in His world.  If I have succeeded in making a beautiful painting, it is due to His hand who has guided me with every stroke of the brush.    I like to think of my paintings as little windows to my soul that reflect my love of nature which is as vast as the deep blue sea.

Waves at Sand Beach
Linda Young
I was awarded Signature membership status with the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society and Baltimore Watercolor Society.  I am a member of the Susquehanna Valley Plein Air Painters, Daily Painters of Pennsylvania Harrisburg Art Association and the Art Center School and Galleries and currently serve on the board of directors for the Carlisle Arts Learning Center.

You can see more of my art in different styles on my website at

Monday, 3 September 2012

Brath & Hughes Fine Art Gallery

I am relatively new to plein air painting but I am having such a good time.  I have met some wonderful artists as part of this group and I have enjoyed the lovely locations we have gone to.  I am looking forward to spending more time en plein air.
This painting was done on the street across from Brath &  Hughes Fine Art Gallery in Mechanicsburg, PA.  The painting is on display there as part of the Mechanicsburg Architectural Show and Wine Walk.  Stop by to see it.
Donna Berk Barlup