Sunday, 30 September 2012

SVPAP painters at Carlisle's Harvest of the Arts

 Larry, Vivian, and I set up at the intersection of High Street and Hanover Street, the beginning of the event where they closed off 4 blocks to traffic.  How often can you set up right in the middle of the street to paint?  We had a great time painting along to the music!

Below is the painting I did.  I wasn't 100% focused on this one...never can be at these events with people stopping to talk and watching over your shoulder...but it's fun.  I especially love the children with their painted faces who are so interested in watching me paint.
Thanks to Vivi's friend Jeb for modelling!

"Waiting on the Square"

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Clare Klaum said...

Great job in capturing the courtyard and monument. Love the tones. How nice that Jeb agreed to be your model.