Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Trees and more of trees... by Tatiana Myers.

 Just some more field sketches from our Minnesota trip.
This time it is all about trees.
Above - about 45 min sketch on 7x5" Ampersand Pastelbord (green).

 3 sketches below - mounted Wallis, watercolor under-painting, pastel.

Just a lot of trees... but it was great time!


Cecelia Lyden said...

Beautiful,beautiful-you certainly made the most of your "limited" subject matter.

Sunny said...

Nice! I especially like the last one. I am thinking it is some kind of evergreen.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Absolutely beautiful - I like that last one too!

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You, ladies!

Julie Riker said...

Beautiful sketches Tatiana! I like how you focused on one simple subject and explored it in many ways.

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You, Julie! It was just too much of everything to paint. If I would go for THAT I would get lost, or will be in need of much bigger canvas. So went small.. with size and subjects, but with some attention to detail.