Saturday, 13 October 2012

FALL BEGINS By Cecelia Lyden

A lovely day for plein air painting--sunny, crisp, beautiful colors and landscape--but not wihtout its hazards. I've had a number of unusual, if not uncomfortable, plein air experiences-acorns dropping on my head like mini bombs, canvases blowing off my easel, a group of cattle walking toward me, as I was painting the rest of the herd from, what I thought was a safe distance away.
But Thursday's paintout at a nursery across from Vivian's charming house provided another first. To make room for the other artists' cars, I pulled up close to a fence on my left [ driver's side], off the narrow dirt road. Anxious to start painting, I flung open the door and pulled out my stuff. Vivian pulled up moments later and yelled to me to be careful of the fence--it's electrified-it won't kill you, just give you a shock-Yikes--tazed on a plein air paintout. I was very careful getting back in the car.

PS Thank you Vivian for inviting us and for your hospitality--ginger peach hot tea and pecan pie--YUM!

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