Sunday, 7 October 2012

More SVPAP artist pictures from the picnic (photography by Linda Young)

Vivian Brandler

Larry LeRew and Johanna Monighan Shaefer

Claire Klaum, Cecelia Lyden and Deb Krieger, treasurer

Center:  Sue Gray

Ralph Hocker, Domnick Brandt and Joe Maddox

John Capowski and Julie Riker

The dessert table

Foreground Larry LeRew and ?,  with John Hassler background

Seated Painters Claire Beadon Carnell and Clare Klaum, John Capowski standing

Susand Benigni-Landis

Dianne Lorden

Watercolor painting being worked on by Linda Young (cabin is not visible in the photograph, but is there)

Claire Carnell

Deb Krieger

Special Award presented by Claire Carnell.  (surprised and very much appreciated by the recipient). 
Thank you Claire for your creativity and friendship. 
Without you, I'd never have known how much joy plein air painting could ever be.


Julie Riker said...

Nice pictures Linda, except for the one you took of me when I was mid-sentence and looks like I am making a funny face :(
I am glad you got many shots of people painting.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Great pictures, Linda! I am glad if I helped in any tiny way to make you the plein air addict you are today (and quite a talented plein air artist/addict at that!!!)

Larry Lerew said...

Great Pictures Linda, the new artist talking to me on the picnic bench and marked with a "?" is Scott Covey from Harrisburg and he enjoys painting plein air in acrylic.