Monday, 15 October 2012

Two views of one farm, Dianne Lorden

Have been under the weather and not done any on-site work this week, so decided to share these paintings from this summer: they are two different views, done en plein air (during the Gettysburg Festival), of Meade's Head Quarters, also know as the Lydia Leister Farm. The larger is a pastel done early in the day from one vantage point and the smaller is a watercolor done late in the day of a different view, from down the road. Very different treatments, I think! My fine art website is South Mountain Sketchbook.


Clare Klaum said...

I love seeing the two paintings side by side. I love the blues on the fence and sky. Beautiful!

Cecelia Lyden said...

I hope the weather was miserable while you were--thank you for posting these charmers-I ditto Clare's comment-and the blues and greens are vibrant.

Larry Lerew said...

These are both great paintings, but if I were to choose only one I would go for your larger pastel. I can feel the warm sun light and cool shade and the composition is excellent.