Thursday, 11 October 2012

Vivi's Wheels by Julie Riker

Vivian was so nice to invite us out to paint around her lovely farm.  There were many subjects around the nursery and pond, but I've lately been looking for different things to paint that will challenge me..not necessarily to make a sellable painting, but to hone my skills.

I decided to paint her car.  It's so classic, so cute, so very Vivi!


Clare Klaum said...

Wow Julie! You should consider being an illustrator for an auto magazine. Great job!

Julie Riker said...

Thanks Claire! Actually my major was illustration - but so much of that is done on the computer these days. They will never train a computer to do plein air painting...I hope.

Vivi said...

Actually this DID sell! I bought it! And it was a very very very much appreciated Christmas GIFT! THANKS JULIE! Happy New Year!

Julie Riker said...

I am so glad that the recipient liked it!! That was a fun day.