Saturday, 24 November 2012

LION PARK By Cecelia Lyden

oil/strteched canvas
Black Friday found 5 of us painting at Lion Park in Marysville, rather than looking for a parking space in some mall. It was billed as the last warmish day for a long while and, listening to the wind howling outside this morning, made me grateful that I went. Yesterday's morning was warm with blue skies, but by the time we met at 12:30ish, the clouds had rolled in and a breeze started to make it cooler. Wimp that I am, I began painting faster and faster, and lasted for only an hour and a half. This is my last paintout in the Susquehanna Valley till spring. Come January, I will don my snowbird outfit and will be paintng outdoors in [hopefully] balmy Florida.

1 comment:

Julie Riker said...

Lovely muted fall colors.
We will all be envious of you in Florida come January here.