Thursday, 24 January 2013



Our plein air group went back to the Savannas Area Park to paint this week. It was extremly windy, so much so, my paint was drying on the brush before I could apply it to the canvas. Of course, I forgot to pack my retarder.
There were loads of birds feeding at the park this time. Two huge cranes crept up behind me as I was painting. I, also, had forgotten my camera, but I was too frightened to take their picture, anyway. Luckily, they had no interest in me. I had no food to offer them; so they high-stepped it away from me, much to my relief. There were scores of egrets prowling the area for food as well. The one in the painting had separated himself from his friends and paraded around across the canal from me.
The high winds shortened my painting time, but this park has so many lovely areas to paint, I  plan to return next week. 

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