Monday, 25 February 2013


I started this painting in plein air. It took me three hours [not including the time to select, photograph the site and set up] just to compose, draw and rough paint in the the main values.I especially loved the four different roof lines and the geometric shapes. I, also, loosely painted in the main colors, but most of the shadow work was completed indoors in front of my computer.
This site, the charming home of a Florida resident, is set amongst a huge variety of trees and tropic-like plants, shrubs, crockery and statueary. It was like a day in paradise, working there.Serene, more beautiful, balmy weather, no humidity and wonder of all  wonders--no bugs. This event was the second of three plein air opportunities, arranged by a Fort Pierce art group for a small fee.

The colors are off a bit n this image-I tried, but I couldn't get them accurate enough-a tad more intense and more blue in this image than in the painting.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

SVPAP visits the American Visionary Art Museum

We had a fun day today in Baltimore exploring this unique museum.  If you have never been I encourage you to visit it some time.  It is fun, emotional, beautiful, and totally zaney. 

  This large egg in the sculpture yard was a beautiful mosaic of mirrors and found glass which changed with the light as you walked around it.  The museum did not allow indoor photography, so the egg is the subject of all of these pictures.
 Visionary art, also sometimes referred to as "outsider art" is hard to define, but in some cases it is close to folk art.  Visionary artists usually have no formal art training or are self taught.  They were never taught what NOT to do in the making of their art (or they never listened).  Many of these pieces were created using found objects and the creativity is seen not only in the concept of the object, but in the industrious ability to use what is available.   Most of these artists never considered their work as art, yet spent a large portion of their lives working on one project.  They were probably considered insane by family and friends, but I find it very inspiring that the legacy of their work is now in a museum and will be forever admired.

Visiting this place made us all think about possibilities...outside of the box..and put us all a little off center.

and the more traditional shot...
Larry Lerew, Julie Riker, Johanna Monighan, William Andrew, Sue Gray, and Vivian Brandler.  It was great to connect and catch up with everyone.

For more information on the American Visionary Art Museum visit

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

WHITE CITY PARK By Cecelia Lyden

acrylic on canvasboard
White City Park is another lovely, public park filled with beautiful birds, turtles,and fish. The lake is covered with flowering lily pads and there are many trees with blossoms-the bottlebrush tree with bright red flowers and the orchid tree with lavendar flowers. I took many pictures, and settled in front of these tall grasses and lanky palm trees. I painted there for over three hours-warm but not humid, no bugs- pure, white ibuses walking right past me-peaceful, serene- a wonderful, gratifying plein air experience.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Savannah East View

This is also from the Savannah in Ft. Pierce. I painted here with Cecelia and this is the eastern side of the Savannah. It is very beautiful this year because they had so much rain earlier in the fall before we got here.  11 x 14 acrylic

Friday, 8 February 2013

House of Refuge Beach Stuart ,FL

Painted Tuesday with a plein Air group . this is acrylic  11 x 14 It was a gorgeous sunny day but the gnats were out which means, you have to paint really fast. 

Earl's Back Yard

 Acrylic 9 x 12