Monday, 8 April 2013

So Rusty but Still Fun! by Larry Lerew

Fort Hunter Barn and Bridge

Old Fort Hunter Filling Station

Old Fort Hunter Garage

View of Rockville I think.

Fort Hunter Mansion on the Hill above the creek.
This rocky bank would be interesting to paint.
Had a great time getting out with the SVPAP group today at Fort Hunter, just above Harrisburg, PA.
Spent my time making these 5 quick sketches to shake some of the cobwebs off. Didn't have the courage to paint today, it's been a long winter. 


Julie Riker said...

these are great Larry! I love the loose quality of your sketches.
I felt rusty today too, but it will come back...

Larry Lerew said...

Hi Julie, Painting is such a wild rollercoaster ride, sometimes it takes all I have to hang on to the safety bar.

Julie Riker said...

well, then, that sound like fun!

Cecelia Lyden said...

I like the sketches, too-loose and strong.

Vivian Sterste - Brandler said...

Love these value studies! Shapes are strong and clear, great compositions!