Wednesday, 29 May 2013

a quick study by Dianne Lorden

The other evening was lovely, so I brought out only one small set of Nupastel - eight sticks - and sat down to make a pastel drawing of some of the pots near my deck. I worked about 35 minutes, struggling to create more colors than I had to work with. I also grabbed a piece of mulch off the ground to blend! Not too great. But this was a fun little exercise.
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Vivian Sterste - Brandler said...

Beautiful and fresh! Planters are great subjects! And they can sit for hours ! ;-). Have you tried Sennelier pastels? You can blend them with water and actually draw/paint with them. Come to my house I will share mine. Which leads me to believe I will host another paint out! I will talk to Julie and Claire and let you know when it could be .

Cecelia Lyden said...

Fun and spontaneous -really like it.