Tuesday, 30 July 2013

"WEST FAIRVIEW BOAT LAUNCH" Original Pastel by Clare Klaum

Last week on Wednesday a group of us painted at the West Fairview Boat launch and it was a lovely day!  There were views of the distant city scape of Harrisburg. Also beautiful views of the Susquehanna River as it wound around the banks and back to the distant hills.  I especially loved the right bank as it jutted out with the beautiful Loosestrife against the backdrop of the green trees. I had never painted there before but I definitely would go back again. 

"Arbor at Poole Forge" by Beth Bathe

"Arbor at Pooles Forge", en plein air, 12 x 16 oil on canvas
It was a beautiful weekend in PA! Cooler temperatures meant time to paint outdoors. This is a stone cottage at Pooles Forge, in Narvon PA, It dates to the early 1800's. the garden beside the house was full of wonderful perennials. I especially loved the large Canna lilies.

Contact Beth at bethpainting@aol.com if you are interested in this or any of my other paintings!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Back to Nature by Dianne Lorden

I started this plein air of the pond, at the site of the former Gettysburg Country Club’s golf course, two weeks ago. (The title reflects the fact that this was once well manicured and maintained, as a golf course feature, but has acquired a wonderful look of natural abandon. The property is now part of the Gettysburg National Military Park.) It took me several days to be able to go back in the morning, and the light was entirely different that day, anyway, so my efforts weren’t as helpful as I’d hoped for. I was amazed at how changeable the surface of the water was — every time I looked up from my paper it was different! That’s exciting and challenging. The technique I used for the water is one I will be teaching in my September “Intro to Soft Pastels” class at the ACAC. So this is actually one of the pieces I’ll bring with me, as a visual aid, when I tape the Arts Council’s cable access TV show “You Gotta Have Art.” The show promotes upcoming classes and showcases various instructors. I’m taping tomorrow and will let you know when it will air.
View my fine art: South Mountain Sketchbook 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Seneca Lake Hollyhocks by Julie Riker

11x14 oil

On Saturday I participated in the Finger Lakes Plein Air Fest.
  These gorgeous hollyhocks were growing at Atwater Vineyard along Seneca Lake. 

At Long Last, Back to Plein Air
An Original Plein Air
Oil Painting
by Claire Beadon Carnell

© Claire Beadon Carnell
Plein Air
12 x 9

I have not been able to get out to paint en plein air
in ages, so when a friend called me this afternoon to let
me know that the moonflowers were blooming in
the shade of her shed,  I packed up a minimal 
amount of supplies and went up to paint.  
I liked the soothing palette of colors, and the relatively
simple design of this scene...and of course 
those wonderful flowers.  It's good to be getting
back to normal!

If you would like to see more of my work,
please visit my website or my blog. If you are
interested in purchasing any of my paintings you see
here on this blog, please contact me.

Claire Beadon Carnell
Member of:

Friday, 26 July 2013

Geo Weikert House by dianne lorden

Yet another visit to one of my favorite GNMP farmhouses, the George Weikert farmhouse was set off by a quickly changing sky this past Tuesday. Every time I looked up it was different, and -- while that's not unusual -- this time I was basically confounded by it. So my sky sort of represents a mash-up of my favorite colors and clouds, as they came and went. And it looks it! But had fun. (Pastel on sanded surface.)
My fine art website is South Mountain Sketchbook.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

CITY SCAPE FROM WEST FAIRVIEW, 9x12, oil by Sharon Benner

My painting from the West Fairview paintout.  The weather was great.  see more artwork at www.sharonbenner.com


oil/stretched canvas
There was quite a crowd at West Fairview Park yesterday. Twelve of us plein air painters, canoeists and others, just out enjoying the cooled, pleasant weather. The morning sky was overcast with clouds beginning to disperse. It cast a silvery light on the water, very pretty. There were some egrets around, but mostly scores of honking, feeding geese, which meandered "dangerously" close to me. The twelve us did a little socializing and a lot of painting-friends, great weather and a beautiful setting made for a very enjoyable paint out.

West Fairview Park, a beautiful day on the river! by Beth Bathe

"Harrisburg from West Fairview Park", 6 x 6 oil on panel
Yesterday I had the pleasure of painting with the group from a beautiful spot on the west side of the Susquehanna river looking over to the Harrisburg skyline. It was finally a glorious summer day, nice temperature and low humidity! I arrived rather late in the morning and was the last painter to leave around 2 pm (just as the sun was really starting to gleam on the capitol dome). Thanks to Cecelia for picking such a perfect day and spot.

Friday, 19 July 2013

BOYERS' GARDEN By Cecelia Lyden--used

Julie Riker alerted me that a portion of my plein air oil painting, "BOYERS' GARDEN" was used on the Harrisburg Gallery Walk promotion/poster-a surprise, but a pleasant one. 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

97 Degree Day at Pinchot Sate Park by Larry Lerew

"Pinchot Mooring 2" by Larry Lerew
Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas 12" x 36"
en Plein Air July 18, 2013 about 97 degrees heat
at Pinchot State Park Boat Launch #2

Had a great time painting with 5 others from the Susquehanna Valley Plein Air Painters this morning at Gifford Pinchot State Park. We all hoped we could beat the heat by starting early and it did help some. We all painted from shady spots but as the sun moved higher we were cooking. By noon we all called it a day and I made some small finishing touches in my studio. This is the largest painting I completed using only a cut credit card as a palette knife. I learned a lot and want to try this again but maybe on a cooler day.

See more of my work, a press release and details of my upcoming show at:

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

"Candy Box Landscape I" by Larry Lerew

"Candy Box Landscape I" by Larry Lerew
Acrylic on Archival Canvas Panel 8" x 16"
En Plein Air July 16, 2013, Old Gettysburg Golf Club (now being returned to its natural state by the National Park Service.)

I explored a little with this painting and tried some new things. I started with a red toned canvas and masked off the boarders with tape to show the red edge after completion. I used all acrylic heavy body paint with a cut-up credit card to paint with much like a palette knife painting. I really liked the results and now need to do this again with a black or orange under tone. It always feels good to try new things. Artists progress one painting at a time. I call it "Candy Box Landscape I" because it reminds me of the colorfully illustrated covers used on boxes of chocolates years ago.


Thursday, 11 July 2013

"Back Forty Beckoning" by Vivian Sterste Brandler

I have been sketching and painting regularly this summer, often at the homes of SVPAP members. This is a pastel I sketched at Donna Barlup's house near the Yellow Breeches creek. I was compelled by the sunlight illuminating the far lawn and the way it was framed by the dark trees. I love to find magical entries to outdoor rooms!  This was one of those spots. Happy Pennsylvania summer everyone!

"A Summer Morning" by Debra Tritt Kreiger

8"x10" Acrylic on canvas

This is a painting I did on Monday in Liz's backyard. How lucky is she! It was a beautiful sunny morning to paint along the Conodoquinet. Our time was cut short by a brief summer rain storm. I had most of the painting done except for the details. Thank you Liz.

To purchase this painting contact me at debra@debkreiger.com, or to see more of my work go to http://www.debkreiger.com .

Monday, 8 July 2013


oil/stretched canvas
SVPAP member, Liz Gallucci, invited us to paint in her backyard, which overlooks the Conodoguinet Creek and is filled with beautiful, old, large trees. Her yard and those of her neighbors are not fenced in and we were invited to paint in any of the yards. I spotted the orange canoe, pitched upward in front of ferns, with the creek in the background. Perfect subject matter for a painting.
Liz said she would have us back, probably in the fall when the leaves have turned. I heartily recommend that if any of you can, you try to come and paint in this beautiful setting.


Some of our visitors while painting at Kains Park.


oil/stretched canvas
Johanna and I spent a few hours, painting in Kains Park, York last week. Plenty of blue sky, sunshine, and white, puffy clouds, but my eyes were immediately drawn to a cluster of bright green trees. In fact, I was surrounded by a vast array of greens, including the lake, which I assumed had been churned up from all the storms we've had. 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

SVPAP's exhibit opening next Friday!

Please plan to join us for our opening reception on Friday the 12th at the Mechanicsburg Art Center.
On display will be new plein air works from 20 artists, most depicting local central PA scenes.
Hauser Winery will be doing a wine tasting and refreshments will be served.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Painting at Kain's Park

On Friday, June 28, Cecelia and I were painting Lake Redman, south of York, when we had some surprise visitors. You never know what's going to happen when you set out to paint en plein air!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Looking back on the recent Super Moon.

Super Moon June 2013

I was transfixed by the undulations of the edges of the trees while I stared at the powerful light.  Eyes can play tricks....if you let them.    Perception is an entertainment in itself, but to be able to put down, en plein air, all be it at night, is something of a gift from God.  This may sound arrogant, but think about it.  The ability to place pigment on paper and allow that image to represent a perceived real experience is truly a miracle.  Many artists I have spoken to have described the sensation of a power working through them and I am not shy to state that it is a creative drive within me, that if and when I am tuned in, will produce something I can look back at and remember the exact sensations, the exact moment in which I experienced a tremendous clarity and connection with the universe.  At these moments, I am not scared of death, but am open to the possibilities that exist for me to come to a better understanding of acceptance for whatever will be.  Connection with nature allays fears for me.   We are mere mortals, but I will open my mind to all possibilities. In contemplating the expanse of the universe and the concept of infinity, I have always pulled back to a place where I live in shear awe and gratitude for having been able to see for so long.   

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Shipoke Sidewalk by Julie Riker

8x10 oil

Here is my painting from our Saturday Shipoke outing.  So glad so many people could come out.  Thanks to Clare for hosting this paintout!

"STEPS OF HISTORIC SHIPOKE" Original Pastel Painting by Clare Klaum

When I was employed by Premier Eye Care most of the time I worked at the office on North Front Street. Occasionally I would work at the office in Shipoke. Now that I am retired, what I remembered  most about that quaint area was that in the summer some of the residents would have pots of flowers lining their front steps.  I would always admire the view as I drove along Race St. to the office.  This house jumped out as I walked around deciding where to paint. The grouping of the pots and the colors were so vibrant! The owner and her neighbor were so gracious.  It was a pleasure to meet them both.  Thank you to Premier for allowing us to park in their lot as parking is difficult in Shipoke.  Thank you for all who attended the paint out.  I think we had some lovely paintings from that day.

Monday, 1 July 2013

SHIPOKE DRAMA by Cecelia Lyden

oil/stretched canvas
So there we were, several of us scoping out the beautiful Shipoke area of Harrisburg, on a sunny afternoon. Shipoke is situated right on the Susquehanna River, which is both a blessing and a curse for its inhabitants--ever-changing, inspiring river views on most days, but heavy rains often bring flooding to this low-lying area.
I decided to paint one of the charming homes. I spied this yellow bench and bright green plant. Wow! Talk about center of interest. The sunshine was focused right on the windows, bench and plant.  With everything around it in deep shade, it looked like the dramatic lighting of a center stage setting. I worked on this scene for three hours outdoors, but needed more time in studio to finish it. This was too complicated a subject for me to complete in a couple of hours outdoors-I'm still not happy with my "clumsy" handling of the brush. I'll know better next time to keep things simple.