Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Looking back on the recent Super Moon.

Super Moon June 2013

I was transfixed by the undulations of the edges of the trees while I stared at the powerful light.  Eyes can play tricks....if you let them.    Perception is an entertainment in itself, but to be able to put down, en plein air, all be it at night, is something of a gift from God.  This may sound arrogant, but think about it.  The ability to place pigment on paper and allow that image to represent a perceived real experience is truly a miracle.  Many artists I have spoken to have described the sensation of a power working through them and I am not shy to state that it is a creative drive within me, that if and when I am tuned in, will produce something I can look back at and remember the exact sensations, the exact moment in which I experienced a tremendous clarity and connection with the universe.  At these moments, I am not scared of death, but am open to the possibilities that exist for me to come to a better understanding of acceptance for whatever will be.  Connection with nature allays fears for me.   We are mere mortals, but I will open my mind to all possibilities. In contemplating the expanse of the universe and the concept of infinity, I have always pulled back to a place where I live in shear awe and gratitude for having been able to see for so long.   


Larry Lerew said...

Beautiful sentiment, insight and painting. Creating art can be a beautiful experience and I'm glad you are making connections. Great paintings are far from mindless activities and should speak to us and our viewers. I love the emotion you put into your work.

Cecelia Lyden said...

We artists are truly lucky to have the pull, the desire to express our love and appreciation of the "beauty" around us. And beauty can come in all forms, sizes, colors, and compositions. Sharing our vision with others is what artistic expression is all about. You have shared your emotions with us with this beautiful painting.