Saturday, 31 August 2013

"Evening Glow" by Tatiana Myers

"Evening Glow", 7 x 5" on Wallis

This was another one of my Plein Air works painted one beautiful evening 
somewhere outside of La Conner, Washington.
It was a little place, nursery and produce stand, surrounded by beautiful farm fields.
Anywhere You would look - it was something what will make a beautiful painting
without any doubts. However many of us picked up the same open field
with group of trees and mountains behind... it was something very special about that view,
something charming and inspiring.
This is a small study on Wallis paper I did at this evening.
I hope to do studio version of this scene sometime later... or maybe not.
Sometimes studio works are loosing that "naive charm"
what I learned to like about painting Plein Air.
Only time will tell, if I'll be back to this subject again.


Clare Klaum said...

I have enjoyed seeing your plein air paintings from this workshop. I love the style that your are developing through this workshop and the movement you portray in these paintings. Love them.

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You, Clare! This was my third year of being able to work under guidance of Richard and yes, it dramatically affected my ability to work Plein Air. It is almost easier for me now at some point that paint the same landscape in studio... Yes, I know, it makes very little sense, but I feel I'm more easy separating important things from not that important ones when I'm out there... It is harder to do when I have to work from photo. Hopefully I can combine both.

Vivian Sterste - Brandler said...

Your pastels box is fabulous! How do you close it?

Tatiana Myers said...

Vivian, this is a Plein Air model of pastel box. Those are available from different sources. Mine is Dakota Traveler size small. I wouldn't take anything bigger in the field, it is getting seriously heavy. Small is about right and contains more colors then I normally need.
Here is a link for You to check those out: