Tuesday, 20 August 2013

New Cumberland Spillway - acrylic plein air landscape painting of the Yellow Breeches by Pennsylvania Contemporary Artist Pat Koscienski

New Cumberland Spillway
14" x 11"
Acrylic on stretched canvas

This painting was started on 6-19-13 when some of the members of the SVPAP (Susquehanna Valley Plein Air Painters) met at this park.  I usually never paint longer than 2-3 hrs because of the light change.  However, I was not satisfied with the painting and went back by myself July 26, over a month later,  and did another 2-3 hrs worth of work. The painting doesn't have the 2 hr fast draw look, but I'm liking the more finished look a little better.   I walk this park several times a week, weather permitting.  It is 3/4 miles around, with the Yellow Breeches surrounding over half of the walk.  It is beautiful and during my 3 mile walk, I spend a lot of time studying this section of the stream.  New Cumberland, Pa., is where this stream empties into the Susquehanna River.  It is a fisherman's dream, and never a day goes by when there isn't at least 1 fisherman throwing out his line, but more often there are several.  The spillway is their favorite spot.  If you have any questions, or wish to purchase contact PAT.  If you would like to see more of my paintings, both representational and abstract, please visit my website and blogspot at:


Vivian Sterste - Brandler said...

I am drawn to the way you paint the tree leaves on the top....nice changes in tones and shades of green and shapes. I'd like to paint at this place! Next time you go over give me a call and I will see if I can come keep you company and give it a shot!

Clare Klaum said...
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Clare Klaum said...

I love your rich colors and the way the water looks sparkling!