Saturday, 28 September 2013


Larry and Julie are enjoying the weather and creating more of their wonderful artwork.



This is my first painting of a 2013 autumn landscape. This site is on Larry's property in beautiful Dillsburg, PA. We had absolutly gorgeous weather that day and today, I will be painting with Paul Gallo's group in Marysville. Another  perfect fall day is forcasted, so hopefully, I will produce 2013 autumn landscape No. 2. 

Friday, 27 September 2013

Recent work by Dianne Lorden

This week my  little group visited the lovely Slyder Farm on the Gettysburg National Military Park (the bottom image); I didn't manage to complete my pastel, as you can see. I was cold that morning and had to keep moving to stay in the sun. Eventually, I worked standing and holding one pastel stick at a time, walking back and forth to my set-up (because I refused to sit in the shady area where I'd started out). That got old! The top image is from yesterday, at Larry Lerew's wonderful property. That one is much more complete. Thanks, Larry, for holding a paint-out. I didn't do that awesome little dilapidated milk house justice! But the top pastel is called "30 Years Too Late." Long story.

"Dickinson College in the Fall" by Debra Tritt Kreiger

Harvest of the Arts
Saturday September 28th 10am -5pm
Historic Downtown Carlisle
I will have a booth between Hanover and Pitt Street on High Street.
I will have prints of this painting for sale and more!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Morning's Quiet Secret - Original acrylic plein aire landscape painting of Pinchot Park Lake inlet by Pennsylvania Contemporary Artist Pat Koscienski

"Morning's Quiet Secret"
11" x 14"
Acrylic on linen canvas
This painting was painted plein air at Pinchot State Park in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania.  It required a 2nd visit where several more hours were put into the painting.  A piece of land juts out into a small portion of the lake, much like a peninsula, creating this tranquil cove.  It was very peaceful the first visit there.  On the 2nd visit I had 2 visitors who came to fish and read.  The grandmother did the reading and a young boy did the fishing.  It made for an interesting morning.  Once again, I am having trouble with google rotating my photos.  After many hours, days, spent retaking photos with my Canon I decided to try my Hewlett-Packard with success.  However, the color of the blues are not as true as the Canon.  If you have any questions, or wish to purchase, contact PAT.  If you would like to see more of my paintings, both representational and abstract, please visit my website and blogspot  at:

Sunday, 22 September 2013

'Windy Day at Fort Hill'
Cape Cod, MA
An Original Plein Air
Oil Painting
by Claire Beadon Carnell

'Windy Day at Fort Hill'
(Cape Cod, MA)
© Claire Beadon Carnell
Plein Air
12 x 16

Finally, after a week of being home from Cape Cod,
I was able to unload my paintings!  This particular 
painting was painted on Sept. 11, on a very windy day.
I hadn't planned to go to Fort Hill to paint, but 
stopped there so my husband could see what a 
beautiful place it was.  Of course when I saw the
way the wind was blowing the trees and the goldenrod
in the foreground, my muse started to call...

While we were there (at about the time the first airplane
 hit the WTC twelve years ago on the same day) 
an older gentleman (a fireman) dressed in full kilt 
walked up to the peak of the hill, and started playing a 
tribute to the victims of 9/11 on his bagpipes.  When
he played 'Amazing Grace', there wasn't a dry
eye to be was profound.
We will never forget.

If you would like to see more of my work,
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here on this blog, please contact me.

Claire Beadon Carnell
Member of:

One more day in Washington.

That was one more day during our Washington Plein Air workshop with Richard McKinley.
I can't mention enough - we got us some gorgeous weather and had wonderful time.
This one day we had to drive pretty far from our usual location, because Richard had a special treat for everybody - old abandoned milk farm surrounded by tall trees and fields full of blooming flowers.
That was just like a trip to whole different country and whole different time...
Amazing experience!

I did this small field sketch for warm-up.

And then ended up with this full size 9x12" painting. What unfortunately got ruined during
transportation back to PA. I used plenty of very soft pastels on it and some of it came off
and partially mixed with each other. Nothing what I can not fix, but fresh feeling is gone.
What is all right. I had intentions to do a studio version of it anyway.

"Little Italy", 9x12" on Wallis.
Pastel with Watercolor underpainting.

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Friday, 20 September 2013

ROAD TO THE RIVER By Cecelia Lyden

My first attempt to paint this snippet of Wormleysburg and the Susquehanna River was unsatisfactory. The sky was overcast and the light was flat. I went back to the same spot the next day. The morning sun was shining and the shadows, deep-so much more interestng painting the road, river, houses and trees.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

"WINDMILL ON A WINDY DAY" (CAPE COD) Original Pastel Painting by Clare Klaum

Day 6 plein air painting in Cape Cod.  It was very windy that day and I took shelter tucked  in front of a bank of  Catamarans.  This windmill must have been decorative because it was not turning in the wind.  The water was very choppy and the sky changed so many times, I chose to paint it when it was not as dark.  By the time I was finished there must have been 20 seagulls on the little island but I decided that three were plenty. 

"HAZY DAY AT WELLFLEET HARBOR"(CAPE COD) An Original Pastel Painting by Clare Klaum

Day 4 in the afternoon in Cape Cod.  This was a small painting 6x6 on Pastel board.  It was very hazy that day and difficult to see very far in the distance.  But it did give a very atmospheric feeling to my painting.  It was even difficult to tell what color the cottages were so I went with what I felt would work.

"FORT HILL TWO" (EASTHAM, CAPE COD) An Original Pasel Painting by Clare Klaum

Day 4 plein air painting in Cape Cod.  This is my second year painting at this sight.  Last year my painting included a grove of trees on the right.  I loved this view because of the linier view of the marsh and the golden rod on the hillside.  It is a beautiful location. While we were there a gentleman in full Scottish attire, kilt and all played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes.  It was 9/11 that day and a touching reminder of that tragic day.

"SWAN POND RIVER JETTY" (CAPE COD) Origninal Pastel Painting by Clare Klaum

This was my first day of painting in Cape Cod.  I loved this view but I had to be elevated slightly to see the marsh grass and water winding through it. It just so happened that the restaurant nearby was opening their deck for lunch.  So I asked if we ( Johanna and I ) had lunch could we paint on their deck and they said yes.  We had a lovely time painting, eating a great lunch and sipping on a glass of wine.  We were really roughing it!  I almost sold this painting.  A women and her daughter were admiring my painting and reminiscing about when they went to that beach.  She asked how much and I gave her a price and she was willing to buy it right then,  but I said it was not finished yet. (The perfectionist in me) So I gave her my card and got her name and phone number.  When I called her the next day to tell her it was finished and I could meet her at the restaurant I never heard back from her. I learned a valuable lesson.  Sell it on the spot whether I feel it is finished or not. She liked it the way it was and I should have signed it and sold it.

Monday, 16 September 2013

'Evening Light at West Dennis Beach'
Cape Cod, MA
An Original Plein Air
Oil Painting
by Claire Beadon Carnell

'Evening Light at West Dennis Beach'
(Cape Cod, MA)
© Claire Beadon Carnell
Plein Air
6 x 8

While in Cape Cod last week, I had gone to
West Dennis Beach in the hopes of painting
the sunset, but when I turned my back to the
sunset and saw this gorgeous evening light, I
immediately knew what I would be painting.  It was
cold and very windy that evening, but setting up my
gear beside the car to block the wind, I was able
 to paint quickly and capture the fleeting light.

If you would like to see more of my work,
please visit my website or my blog. If you are
interested in purchasing any of my paintings you see
here on this blog, please contact me.

Claire Beadon Carnell
Member of:

"CHATHAM LIGHT HOUSE, CAPE COD" An Original Pastel Painting by Clare Klaum

Day 3 in Cape Cod.  Painting the Light House was challenging with the roof angles of the house.  We didn't think we would be able to stay to paint because the parking signs indicated we could only park for one half hour. So, I parked and sat behind my car and painted across the street from the Light House.  No one ever asked me to move, and several people came by to observe and chat.  Only once did I have a problem when a tour bus pulled in front of me and stayed there for a half an hour.  I just had to paint by memory at that point.  It was a beautiful sunny day and great for light and shadows.

COAST GUARD BEACH, EASTHAM, CAPE COD" An Original Pastel Painting by Clare Klaum

Several of SVPAP members and Seven Lively Artists members spent last week painting in Cape Cod.  I completed 6 paintings and this painting was done on my last day of painting.  The Coast Guard beach is wide and beautiful, but very difficult to get two rolling carts down to the beach.  So I sat on the wide steps over looking this walk way to the beach.  I loved the way the waves were coming in between the dunes and the plants that framed the beach and water.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Chincoteague Plein Air by Julie Riker

   I've just returned from a week of painting on Chincoteague Island, VA as part of their annual plein air event.   46 artists painted all over the town, marina, wildlife refuge, and beach, culminating in an exhibit/sale on Saturday night. This was my display panel for the exhibit. I am very happy that I sold 4 out of the 6 paintings I did this week.
This is one of the pieces that sold...
Three Houses On Main Street

9x12 oil
It was a great time and I look forward to next year's event.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Peter Frey farm by Dianne Lorden

Earlier this week I visited the Peter Fray farm, on the GNMP, to work en plein air. There are a lot of great views of the farm and surroundings. I ended up leaving the property and working from across the Taneytown Rd. to create this pastel. The reds are not accurate -- just couldn't seem to recreate the barny colors of those buildings. And, the barn itself is not correct. Don't know how that happened, but I somehow made a bad sketch. Must have been the heat! It was one of those beastly hot, humid days before the weather improved. My fine art website is South Mountain Sketchbook.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013



Let me say up front that I painted on site for three hours on, but, was not able to capture all that I wanted to in that time. So I completed this painting in studio, working from my photos and my new computer monitor.

I first came upon this monstrosity of a building while driving on Spangler Mill Road, seeking paint sites. I was winding down a curvy, narrow road, when, wham, up popped this huge structure on my left, sitting right on the road. I pulled into an empty lot across the street to carefully study it- not very pretty, but amazing sculptural shapes and volumes. This was not the picturesque landscape I was seeking, but I still wanted to paint it.
I came back to the site with two other artists, early, on a sunny morning. We all agreed it was an interesting subject, but, as artists do, we took different approaches. One artist painted a long view of the building, with emphasis on the trees and bushes around it. The other artist seemed interested in the shadows on the shapes, using pinks and purples. I was interested in how the small and medium shapes  appeared to grow out of the larger shapes, as well as the morning light and shadows, emphasizing the building's sculptural qualities. I also wished to convey my initial reaction of surprise at the sight of this massive structure, which was, so inartistically, plopped right on the edge of the road.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Music To Paint By...Julie Riker

 10x8 oil

Today's Gallery Walk was a great event.  We saw a lot of traffic at City House where 8 members of SVPAP are exhibiting work.  I painted on location during the day along with Pat Keough, Madeline Reilly, and Vivian Brandler.  Cecelia Lyden stopped by to take pictures.

Violinist Betsy Barnicle played folk and pop tunes throughout the afternoon and I took the opportunity to practice painting from a live figure.  She moved quite a lot.  I started this painting by sketching loose gestures in burnt umber and moving the lines around until I got the pose I wanted.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

SVPAP members exhibit for Gallery Walk 2013

NOW SHOWING:  8 members of SVPAP are exhibiting at City House Bed and Breakfast for Sunday's Gallery Walk.  Some of the artists will be painting on location during the day.  City House is on Front Street just 3 buildings North of the Harvey Taylor Bridge.  Parking is available on the SE corner of Forster and Front in the Miller's Mutual Insurance lot. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Plein Air in Canyonlands Utah - Beth Bathe

Plein Air painting near Canyonlands National Park, Utah
I am week two out west, painting, exploring and shooting lots of photos! I will be leaving on Friday for a two week painting trip to China with daily painter Qiang Huang.

I can't wait to post more from my travels!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I'm really looking forward to this weekend's arts activities!  I especially am excited to see Larry Lerew's work at his home studio this Saturday!  I hope we all spread the word and get people down to share the joy and accomplishments of this prolific member of S.V.P.A.P.   And then there is this Sunday at the City House Bed and Breakfast in Harrisburg for those S.V.A.P. members who will be painting and exhibiting their work.  I would surrrrrre love to see more members and guests at Larry's and at the C.H.B&B this weekend!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Art at the Winery 1 & II

Participated yesterday in Art at the Winery, an annual Adams County Arts Council event held at Hauser Estate Winery - really a beautiful place. At top, my husband reading his paper on the winery's deck; and (bottom) the ever-familiar Round Barn, as viewed from the deck. After two Jack's hard cider.
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