Sunday, 22 September 2013

One more day in Washington.

That was one more day during our Washington Plein Air workshop with Richard McKinley.
I can't mention enough - we got us some gorgeous weather and had wonderful time.
This one day we had to drive pretty far from our usual location, because Richard had a special treat for everybody - old abandoned milk farm surrounded by tall trees and fields full of blooming flowers.
That was just like a trip to whole different country and whole different time...
Amazing experience!

I did this small field sketch for warm-up.

And then ended up with this full size 9x12" painting. What unfortunately got ruined during
transportation back to PA. I used plenty of very soft pastels on it and some of it came off
and partially mixed with each other. Nothing what I can not fix, but fresh feeling is gone.
What is all right. I had intentions to do a studio version of it anyway.

"Little Italy", 9x12" on Wallis.
Pastel with Watercolor underpainting.

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