Friday, 27 September 2013

Recent work by Dianne Lorden

This week my  little group visited the lovely Slyder Farm on the Gettysburg National Military Park (the bottom image); I didn't manage to complete my pastel, as you can see. I was cold that morning and had to keep moving to stay in the sun. Eventually, I worked standing and holding one pastel stick at a time, walking back and forth to my set-up (because I refused to sit in the shady area where I'd started out). That got old! The top image is from yesterday, at Larry Lerew's wonderful property. That one is much more complete. Thanks, Larry, for holding a paint-out. I didn't do that awesome little dilapidated milk house justice! But the top pastel is called "30 Years Too Late." Long story.

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Larry Lerew said...

You put a lot of spirit and emotion into your paintings and I love it. It's always fun painting with you and sharing these moments.