Saturday, 8 March 2014

Breaking Ice Around The Bend by Julie Riker

11x14 oil

Beth Bathe and I painted today at Fort Hunter.  Probably my last time to paint the ice this season since a lot of it melted during the few hours I painted this. Another sign of spring was the swarm of bugs that were clinging to my paint, palette, crawling down my shirt...I think at least 20 of them hitched a ride home in my gear. A bit of Googling and I learned they were Winter Stoneflies. Apparently they come out of the river in the early spring sunshine, feed on vegetation, mate and lay their eggs back into the river.


Cecelia Lyden said...

The bug "thing" sounds horrible, but the painting is beautiful.

Julie Riker said...

Well it wasn't so horrible. They weren't biting or anything, but a bit annoying when they got near my face. The things we endure to create our work.