Friday, 9 May 2014

"Spring in The Garden", Pastel, Tatiana Myers.

"Spring in the garden" is the result of my Plein Air painting session
in Longwood Gardens this Monday.
When I'm out at some places what have so much offer to the eye,
I always having silent fight between my inner artist and photographer.
I want to find my subject and just paint, but yet... second evil voice is always here:
"Don't You just curious to take a walk and see what You are missing now?..
You can paint it all later, but if You will not see it, what would You paint?..."
Blah-blah-blah!.. I know that voice too well
and have to compromise to keep him happy.
This time in Longwood I spend about 2 hours painting Plein Air
and the rest of the day - lurking around with my Canon.
At both cases I was not disappointed. I got only one Plein Air piece
(first one for this season!), but I like that piece.
And as bonus - all those terrific pictures I took there when I switched to my
"now I'm photographer" mode.
There are some of it... enjoy!
 I'm absolutely going to paint those... (Perhaps not the last one,
that one was taking by my husband!)


Cecelia Lyden said...

Beautiful painting--I know that conflict of wanting to capture as much as possible with the camera or taking the time to paint. I have hundreds of photos that I thought I would paint-only a handful of those actually got painted--oh well, we do the best we can in the short time we are here on earth.

Clare Klaum said...

What an inviting painting. I want to go and sit on the bench and take in the peaceful surroundings!