Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Taking It To The Next Level - Larry Lerew

"The Old Milk House"
 by Larry Lerew
11" x 14" Mix Media on Brown Paper 
Here is a plein air painting completed after some thought. I did this sketch on location, which is just outside my door, in September of last year and stopped with black line work and white crayon on brown paper. This week I took it back out and added color to finish it as a painting rather than just an ink drawing. I used dry pastel for the finishing touches but than I wanted to see if I could seal the heavy pastel in place with varnish and was successful. I now have a nice painting, mounted, sealed, uv protected and framed without glass. Lots of lessons learned, one being that water resistant ink is not the same as waterproof ink. So much to remember, but I'm happy. Can't wait to try some new things at Plein Air Gettsyburg, June 11 thru 15.

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Cecelia Lyden said...

Nice agitated linework and harmonious color palette-your usual spirited work.