Monday, 2 June 2014

"POETIC POPPIES" An Original Pastel Painting by Clare Klaum

I started this painting two years ago at Cecelia's neighbour's house.  Poppies last only for a brief time and I was unable to get back last year.  Cecelia let us know when they were in bloom last week.  On Wednesday last week the weather was iffy in the morning but mid afternoon it was favourable.  I got there around 2:30 and was only able to stay for a short time and was not able to finish.  I took a few photos and finished in my studio.  Even though this painting is about 50/50 plein air and studio, I still wanted to post it.  I appreciate Cecelia's neighbour and her willingness to share her beautiful garden with artists. 

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Cecelia Lyden said...

So picturesque and lovely--a true Klaum.

Tatiana Myers said...

Beautiful work, Claire and gorgeous place. We stopped by on Sunday and go to see some of it... Of course most of flowers were down by then.