Sunday, 22 February 2015

BREEZY DAY By Cecelia Lyden

So convenient to spy and paint a scene from your balcony. This feathery tree was blowing so gracefully in the breeze--the clouds were moving and looked so pretty in the sunny blue sky--just had to paint it. I set up on the balcony and easily spent two days doing so. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Red Barn In Winter by Julie Riker


Beth and I painted along McCormick Road on Sunday morning before our lunch meeting.
It was great to be out but I realized I had not done this kind of painting from observation in a long time and was feeling like I couldn't concentrate due to the cold.  The forecast was 40 degrees...they were wrong...I was unprepared and my feet were frozen.
Perhaps the gloves, cold conditions, and stiff paint consistency led to the looseness of this painting.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


It was a perfect day for plein air painting yesterday-70's, warm sunshine, light breezes. The sun is always warm here, but the temps have been cooler than normal and the winds, strong enough to blow my easel away.
This palm bush was one of many trees and shrubs growing in Carolyn McNeil's yard. She invited our group to paint there. The palm bush was situated in front of a golden field, and the sun shining on its fronds and the rich shadows were hard to resist.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Ice Carving Sketch by Jane Albin

Ice Carving Sketch
Watercolor on Pentalic watermedia sketch pad. 5"x8"

Tried my hand at plein air painting in 20 degree F temperature. 
The sketching was a little sketchy because I kept my gloves on to start.
I thought the paint would work better because I had a water-filled brush.  The paint was freezing as I tried to apply it to the paper making flat flakes of slush that could be brushed off.
I quit when the paper got too cold to accept any paint at all.  It was a fun attempt.
Hot chocolate was an excellent follow up. 

"Light Within", Pastel, Tatiana Myers.

"Light Within", 8 x 10", Pastel.
Plein Air @ San Miguel, 2015

Another piece from beautiful San Miguel De Allende...
Not the last painting I have to post out of Mexican Plein Air series,
 but this was actually painted on a last day of our painting journey...
So it is last Plein Air from San Miguel, but not the last one what I'll be posting.
More is coming...