Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ladybells by Julie Riker

10x8 oil

Finished a client job yesterday... so (as is becoming my treat to myself for a job well done) I took the day off to paint for myself.  
Cecelia's neighbors have extended an open invitation to artists to paint in their gardens and I took advantage of the opportunity.  I chose to focus on these flowers, which I thought were larkspur, but found out through some friends are called Campanula, or "Ladybells".

This garden is full of possibilities for painting - a plein air haven.  I plan to visit next week when, hopefully, the lilies will be blooming.


Cecelia Lyden said...

Great rendering of whatever those flowers are-such beautiful, vibrant color-love the trees in the background.

Julie Riker said...

Thanks Cecelia!

Tisha Sheldon said...

Just Beautiful! You really captured their beauty!

Julie Riker said...

Thank you Tisha!