Saturday, 24 October 2015

Glowing Forest by Julie Riker

10x8 oil

The light was so beautiful yesterday - bright sun low in the sky, streaming through the fall foliage - the woods were glowing with a canopy of color.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Historic Haldeman Mansion by Julie Riker

8x10 oil

Beth and I went out today looking for some fall color to paint but no particular location in mind. We ended up at the Haldeman Mansion in Bainbridge.  
This would be a good painting location for the group - lots of possibilities for paintings.  I was interested in the layered surface of the old building.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Painting a wedding by Julie Riker

16x20 oil on canvas

Yesterday I painted live during a wedding ceremony along the Yellow Breeches at Allenberry Resort in Boiling Springs, PA.  It was a commission request from the bride and groom who wanted a plein air painter to capture the setting of their special day.

This is the second time I have painted as part of a wedding.  I feel I am a bit more comfortable with it but there are certainly challenges with each situation.  The biggest challenge is time.  I arrived 2 hours early to set up and paint the entire background.  I only had about 30 minutes to quickly paint in the figures and a suggestion of a guest audience.   Here is the painting just before the figures arrived...

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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Fall at Moody Farm


We had a lovely (but chilly) day at the Moody Farm yesterday. It was fun for me to reflect on my first painting experience at the farm, which had been over a year ago. The first time was one of my beginning plein air experiences and I remember feeling very "official" since I had painted a barn (guess I consider that a rite of passage for a plein air artist :-).  It was nice to realize yesterday how much more comfortable I am with the whole process. It's so much easier to figure out details to eliminate than it was when I began. Here's to progress!

Friday, 16 October 2015

FALL TREES by Cecelia Lyden

First day painting out this fall-lovely setting at the Moody farm, but very chilly and windy. I may be getting too old for painting in the cool weather-hoping for a couple of warm days before only studio painting in the winter.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New England in Pastel.

Untitled 6 x 9" location sketch.
Pastels on Wallis paper.

We with my friend Claire Barnwell just returned from our trip to CT,
 where we were painting and enjoying beauty of New England's Fall.
I ended up with only 4 paintings this time, but brought
much reference materials to play with.
We were blessed with wonderful weather,
met some of my old friends, and I was happy to introduce m
my friend to my favorite Pastel-Guru, Richard McKinley.
We had wonderful time, many adventures and
some repeated misfortunes with our car...
What didn't prevent us from painting.
I will be posting more photos with the time, as I get to it.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Meet SVPAP Member, Pam Wenger

I’m a fairly recent convert to plein air painting. I decided to try it at the urging of my friend, Donna, who happens to be the current president of the group. She’d talked me into trying watercolor 3 years ago when I retired from education ( I taught gifted students and instructional technology). I was loving my portrait work, my first love when it comes to art, so I thought I get outside and try something different. I’d been awed by the plein air work I’d seen at the Camp Hill Plein Air Festival for the past few years and wanted to be a part of that excitement. ('Still haven’t competed there - but that’s next year’s goal.) 

I’ve been painting with the plein air group for about a year and a half now and I can’t imagine not having that piece as part of my retirement art experience. There’s nothing like grabbing your supplies and heading outside (usually with a friend or two) to experience the out of doors along with the challenge of completing a painting in a few hours. 

I remember how daunting those first few sessions were. How were you supposed to narrow down your subject matter, decide on a composition, draw it, and then paint it in a short amount of time? That’s still a challenge, but it’s become a much less intimidating one! I prefer to paint scenes with some sort of architectural element (like a building or a vehicle) but I imagine my preferences will change as I develop as a plein air painter. 

I’m so glad to be part of this group. It’s been a wonderful way to connect with other local artists. One of the best surprises I've had regarding painting is that it doesn't need to be a solitary endeavor. 

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