Saturday, 17 October 2015

Fall at Moody Farm


We had a lovely (but chilly) day at the Moody Farm yesterday. It was fun for me to reflect on my first painting experience at the farm, which had been over a year ago. The first time was one of my beginning plein air experiences and I remember feeling very "official" since I had painted a barn (guess I consider that a rite of passage for a plein air artist :-).  It was nice to realize yesterday how much more comfortable I am with the whole process. It's so much easier to figure out details to eliminate than it was when I began. Here's to progress!


Cecelia Lyden said...

Perfect plein air subject and rendering. I remember your first outing at the Moody farm.I was really good then, also.

Julie Riker said...

Beautiful painting - love the deep tree shadow.

Tatiana Myers said...

Just beautiful!... I wish I could go with You, guys, but... will be another time.