Sunday, 22 May 2016



Another gray day, but not raining; so I decided to travel to my neighbor's yard to catch some beautiful azalea color before the wet weather washed it all away. Many of the azaleas had passed their peak, before it was dry enough to set up my easel outdoors. There were still some dogwood blossoms, bleeding hearts and white peonies-enough spring glory to warrant a painting. I set up the composition, laid in the values [very flat with no sunshine to create shadows], colors and large and small shapes and finished the details indoors while it rained outdoors.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Boathouses by Julie Riker

10x20 oil

Here is another painting from Wayne Plein Air, painted on an overcast morning at Philadelphia's famous Boathouse Row.  This piece sold at the preview party but is still on exhibit - along with my other paintings from the week - at Wayne Art Center, through June 23.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Staircase To The 2nd Floor by Julie Riker

12x9 oil
Plein Air Magazine Award
Wayne Plein Air 2016

I was honored to be included among 32 talented artists selected to participate in Wayne Plein Air last week. 

We had 5 days to create paintings within 20 miles of Wayne, PA.  It was fun exploring the area, rich with historical buildings, farms, and urban areas...I even ventured into Philadelphia.
All week the weather was gray and a bit drizzly.  I was frustrated with the flat light.  On the last day the sun finally came out and I painted this piece. 

I was thrilled that judge T. Allen Lawson chose this painting for the Plein Air Magazine Award.

This and ALL of the paintings from the week are on exhibit at the Wayne Art Center through June 25.