Saturday, 4 November 2017

Sunset by Governor's Mansion

"October Orange Peeking Through"
9x12", oil on canvas
by Susan Benigni-Landis

"Night Falls on Susquehanna"
9x12", oil on canvas
by Susan Benigni-Landis

October 24th was a lovely evening for a paint-out, with warm temperatures and just a slight breeze near the river. Several painters (John, Kim, Susan) ventured out to quickly capture the colors and atmosphere of the evening. We had the support of many passers-by who appreciated all that the Susquehanna River has to offer. Let's look forward to more evening paint-outs!


Cecelia Lyden said...

Glad you had company to paint with-love the monochromatic look of the evening.

Susan Benigni-Landis said...

Thank you! We will have to try another evening spot sometime.